If you love 1MB you are about to love it even more!

For only $5 a month you can unlock more features. Those features are outlined below.

1 GB of Storage

If you need more than 1 megabyte of storage but love using 1MB to host your site this is the perfect choice for you.

Up To 10,000 Resources

A resource is a site file such as a HTML or CSS file. Pro members get 10,000 of these to spread their 1 GB of storage across.

Image Hosting

You can host up to 500 images that do not count towards your storage or resource quotas, and you can access them via the web editor.

Support Indie Projects

1MB is not a big company. This is a project funded, developed, and maintained by an individual. By subscribing to Pro you are helping keep this project online for years to come.

Here's how to upgrade to Pro:

Make sure you're logged in, and then click here.