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5 GB of Storage

If you need more than 1 megabyte of storage but love using 1MB as your host this is the perfect choice for you.

Host Up To 50 Sites

Easily manage 50 different websites using the same account.

Up To 100,000 Resources

A resource is a site resource such as a HTML file, CSS file, or database. Pro members get 100,000 of these to spread their 5 GB of storage across. Free members only get 100!

Image Hosting

You can host up to 500 images that do not count towards your storage or resource quotas, and you can access them via the web editor. Free members can not host images on 1MB and they instead have to rely on linking to external images.

Instant Apps

Use 1MB's Instant App installer to choose from a growing selection of dynamic applications that you can install on your site with the click of a button.

Ad-Free Experience

1MB never shows ads on your site, but we do show ads on our own. We hide these ads from logged in members who have an active 1MB Pro subscription.

Support an Indie Project

1MB is not a big company. This is a project funded, developed, and maintained by an individual. By purchasing 1MB Pro you are helping keep this project online for years to come, and validating the countless hours of hard work that go into making this project a reality.

Here Is What Others Think

"Wow, this is fantastic -- can't count the number of "free hosting" sites that are disappointing because they don't have a database. Well done! I may try it out." - chris_st on Hacker News

"Awesome work, I will introduce this to my kid. With the built-in database/kv-store and excellent UX, I can't think of a better platform to get started with web development." - logandk on Hacker News

"This looks super cool! And I love that this is run by an indie dev and not some VC-backed startup or big corporation. Definitely bookmarking this so that I can come back to it and see what I can build once I have time." - t0astbread on Hacker News

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